January 10, 2020 Why we put the customer first

Why we put the customer first

That’s a big price to pay for a bad customer experience.

Putting customer service first means you can make sure that a lot of these less-than-great interactions don’t even end up happening in the first place.

On the other side, amazing customer service can be an awesome, natural source of promotion your company.

If you want referrals through word of mouth and great online reviews, focus on making your customers happy. As research shows, the reward can be exponential.

A Great Service Culture Prevents Employee Turnover

Wait, what? What does this have to do with good customer service and how bad service can cost you your entire business?

Most employees, including front-line service employees, want to take pride in what they do, and need to feel like their field of work and position in the company’s bottom line is valued.

They would thrive best in a company where there’s an established customer service culture that everyone cares about.

Shep Hyken, one of the main opinion leaders in the customer service area, sums it up nicely:

The reason an organization can deliver good or bad customer service comes down to one thing; what is happening on the inside of that organization. To sum it up in one word: culture.

The thing about customer service culture is that if you don’t cultivate it, it’ll affect your customers as well as the employees who are working their asses off on the front line.

If your customer service reps aren’t happy because you don’t care about the quality of service across the whole company, they’ll be less passionate about their job, making the customer’s experience even worse.

And eventually… they’ll quit.

Creating a positive, customer-focused environment along with a strongly established customer service culture across your entire team is key.

If your service levels are up to par, your hires will stick around.

Customer Service Helps You Improve

Through your support, your customers are constantly actively telling you how they want your product to work or where you could improve. The real issues, requests and feedback. Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Unfortunately, it’s not always taken as seriously as it should be. It’s a problem a lot of companies deal with: teams that are removed from the front lines of support don’t take customer feedback seriously until things get bad.

However, working actively to get your team to start seeing customer feedback as the awesome, straight-forward resource that it is as well as actually acting on it starts with building a company culture that embraces and values all customer feedback.

The more your customers learn to trust that you take their feedback seriously and actually act on it, the more they will open up to you about what they like, don’t like, or need. And the less likely they will be to leave you for a competitor that doesn’t care as much.

You can turn every bit of that feedback into data-driven product improvements. That’s an amazing resource right at your fingertips⁠—don’t let it go unused.

Put Customer Service First To Keep Your Business Growing

We all know implementing customer service best practices and building a strong culture around it is hard work, but it needs to be done.

If you want to truly stand out⁠—and earn the right to command higher prices than your competition and keep people with you⁠—you need to compete on customer experience before anything else.

Make your customers love not only your product, but the act of doing business with you.

Everyone out there is striving to provide good customer service.

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